Heads up everyone!

We are very soon initiating the A-round!
Contact Rufus Lidman or Celine Derkert for more information.
rufus.lidman@aiar.com celine.derkert@aiar.com


Investor Info

With a $5TN learning market in drastic need of disruption, AIAR’s ambition is to revolutionize education as we know it today. With a cutting-edge EdTech platform based in innovative AI and AR technology, AIAR will personalize the learning process just-in-time. As a first step toward that goal, the company launched its flagship application DMP in 2017, which became the world's second most downloaded application for learning in digital marketing in record time. Now AIAR is getting ready to battle Google for the global No. 1 position before the end of the year. All as necessary steps in order to reach their ambition of dominating more than 1/10 of the market for learning before 2022

Board Members

Rufus Lidman


Rufus Lidman has a licentiate degree in Economics and is a Digital Strategist with a background as renowned Serial Entrepreneur, as well as international Strategy Consultant in Digital Marketing & Sales. As an engaged serial entrepreneur he has contributed to the establishment of a multitude of online pioneer enterprises, and in his role as Strategy Consultant he has promoted a dramatic lift in efficiency of Digital Marketing & Sales for some of the world’s most established brands. Apart from that Lidman is a frequently engaged lecturer, blogger and writer and has published one of the world's first books on Digital Strategy. He has been one of the founders and board member of IAB; has up to now acted as the Digital Advisor for the world's largest advertising organization (SvA/WFA); and is today founder and CEO of AIAR.

Magnus Larsson

Chairman of the board

Magnus has been working in IT for over 30 years, and introduced the Microsoft product range on the Swedish market with TechData, one of the world’s largest IT distribution companies. Next to his successful business career he has been deputy chairman of the board in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises (Svenskt Näringsliv).

Kent Sander

Member of the board

Sander has over 35 years experience in leading positions at international telecom and high-tech IT companies. He has spent over 20 years working in the US as VP of sales at Erikson and CEO at Trueposition. Today he is chairman of the board in 3 unicorns: Serneke Group, Mr.Green and Tobii.

Mattias Hjelmstedt

Member of the board

Hjelmstedt is a serial entrepreneur within digital. He is most noted for founding VOD services Voddler and MagineTV, as well as The Electronic Sports Network, which was later acquired by EA. Today he is working on the AI driven music service and record label UTOPIA.

Mattias Hansson

Member of the board

Mattias is a professional Investor and Serial Entrepreneur with 20+ years in Sales, Marketing and Management. With a mini MBA in Management, a bachelor degree in Marketing, and involvement in 20+ tech start-ups, Mattias is an Entrepreneur and Investor with smart money for global startups that can be game-changers with disruptive capabilities. Customer delight, full transparency and passion are keywords for him.