A strategy is born
This story began when Rufus Lidman was developing a global digital strategy for one of the world’s largest companies in New York. It was years ago—almost a decade, in fact—but he and his team was already proposing an elaborate digital broadcasting of these strategies—to sixty countries simultaneously.

The idea was to engage and educate employees worldwide by providing tutorials, tests and practical equipment that could help translate a general strategy to the local context of a company. Something that would go way beyond the simple AdWords, SEO, banners or social media courses that most companies requested. It was something that could empower businesses and individuals to make educated decisions and effectively maximize their ROI.

But to those who don’t dare change the world, great ambitions may seem frightening; his vision was turned down, and ended up becoming a 300-page PowerPoint presentation instead. Talk about going retro!

Rufus Lidman, CEO

Digital in demand

Ever since, the need for competence development in digital marketing has kept increasing at what seems like an exponential pace. As digital advisor for the world’s largest advertiser’s association, Lidman personally coached over 500 marketers from global powerhouses such as Samsung, IKEA, Electrolux and Mercedes.

In addition to turning marketing executives into skilled digital marketing pros, Lidman held on average 25 lectures a year on many different subjects, from social media marketing, programmatic banners, SEO, e-commerce and conversion optimization, to broader aspects of digital challenges, like big data, marketing automation and omnichannel strategy.

With a demand for this type of expertise that only kept growing and growing, Lidman found himself hard-pressed for available time. He realized there had to be a better way of reaching all the people in need of digital marketing education. An analog solution was simply not enough in as dynamic a world as digital marketing. The answer lay in his initial idea of providing a more practical method for digital learning. The world was not in need of an analog solution. It needed a digital one.

Mobile education evolves

As it turned out, the vision was not wrong—it was the technology that wasn’t sufficiently advanced. But as the mobile revolution came about, it caught up… and Lidman’s vision was suddenly not only possible—it was necessary. The solution manifested itself as a microlearning application, designed to replace weeks of seminars on AdWords and SEO; months of courses in e-commerce; outdated books on social media; and all the other inefficient training programs which companies were wasting exorbitant amounts of time and money on.

The beta version of this digital strategy app was launched and A/B-tested in affiliation with the world’s first certification program specifically tailored for digital marketing professionals (DMP).

300 marketers received the education offline and 300 received it online. The feedback for both versions was equally positive, but when the surprisingly good test results were analyzed, it was blatantly clear which of the two groups performed best. Digital learning scored 92%, while the offline group scored 72%. Lidman had what he needed: Proof of Concept.

DMP leads digital heroes

With a strategic window ripe for the taking, a market fit to burst with potential, and a very successful Proof of Concept, Lidman launched the global venture AIAR, and its flagship product DMP—the first in a series of apps designed to set the standard in digital marketing—was released.

Apart from world-leading content based on data-driven insights, the DMP app takes the first steps toward the world’s first truly personalized learning. Employing a revolutionary 3T learning method consisting of tutorials, tests and tools, the learning process is made practical, versatile and customizable. The tutorials provide key insights for those yearning to learn; the tests make it possible to assess individual skillsets and prove competence; and the tools give straightforward results and strategic guidance.

Though possible to use separately, it is the combination of these three features that has been proven to lead to exponential growth and the development of a strategic mindset. Suddenly lengthy lectures on AdWords banners and month-long courses in SEO seem frighteningly… outdated.

AIAR dares to change the world

The insights gathered with the use of 3T microlearning is just the first step in the development of real personalized education—for the first time in the history of mankind. Add AI and AR technology to the fold, and the EdTech market is set to be completely revolutionized. Learning will become adaptable and knowledge will be gained just-in-time, without borders, boundaries or limitations. Not to mention cooler than ever before! 😉

AIAR’s ambition is to take over at least 10% of the whole learning market, all while leading the next generation of digital heroes… daring to change the world!