A learning strategy is born

This story began when Rufus Lidman was developing a global digital strategy for one of the world’s largest companies in New York. It was years ago, but he and his team were already proposing an elaborate digital strategy—to sixty countries.

The idea was to engage and educate employees worldwide by providing tutorials, tests and practical equipment that could help translate a general strategy to the local context of a company. Something that would go way beyond the simple AdWords, SEO, display or social media courses that most companies requested. It was something that could empower businesses and individuals to make educated decisions and effectively maximize their ROI. Little did Rufus know at the time, how big his idea would grow to become.

A need for personalization

Lidman wanted to find new ways to teach digital marketing and sales, but he quickly realized that his approach was not only fit to revolutionize how DMS was taught to marketers—it could radically change the very concept of learning itself.
In a world that is in the process of being uploaded to the Internet, traditional education is still trying to teach practically the same way it has for centuries. Schools are trying to educate students as if they all learn in the same way, and consequently they have to adapt to the learning, when it should be the other way around. Lidman maintained that an analog solution to these problems was simply not enough in a digital world.

As this demand for personalized learning kept getting more and more traction with students across the world, Lidman started designing a prototype for a learning platform that would not only provide AI-fueled personalization, but also incorporate the entire learning ecosystem under one roof. The first building blocks of AIAR® Learning saw the light of day.

Proof of Concept

Lidman’s Proof of Concept endeavor manifested itself as a narrow-focus learning application that used novel and efficient methods to teach digital marketing & sales. Relying on mobile microlearning, personalization of content and Lidman’s own unique 3T methodology, the application sought to collect market information, user data and learning behavior. In just a few months, the application had accumulated well over 100,000 downloads, sported the best reviews in the category (4.7/5) and was top-ranked in search on Google Play on all the largest markets. But naturally, Digital Marketing Pro was only a guinea pig in the grand scheme of things—Lidman had what he needed: Proof of Concept.

A complete learning ecosystem

Using the insights harnessed from the Proof of Concept venture, Lidman started recruiting the team with which he would construct the AIAR® Learning Platform. The components of the vision were simple and elegant, but the final product would be an as of yet unparalleled feat. Using his extensive experience of digital strategy and agile development, Lidman and his team started infusing the learning platform with all the ingredients that would make it capable of including literally all types of learning in the same model, while still being accessible to all the billions of people in need of education.

Personalization by data-driven artificial intelligence

Whereas one person learns more efficiently by reading, another does so by watching videos or images, and a third by a combination of infographics and small nuggets of information. This is the insight behind personalization, and it is where various types of data in combination with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) will perform magic. Together with the mobile revolution, and subsequently the AR (Augmented Reality) wave, the personalized content will be made available to billions of people across the world.

Blockchains and cryptocurrency

Naturally, with such an enormous market, things like data security, certification authenticity, threat resiliency and system efficiency are absolutely crucial notions. To make certain the AIAR® Learning Certifications are completely bulletproof, the latest advancements in blockchain technology will be brought to bear. The system will also include a closed-end cryptocurrency (AIAR® Coins) to facilitate the trading, selling and buying of courses.

The Generic Digitalization Standard

On the all-encompassing learning platform, courses spanning every conceivable subject will be made readily available. Cherry-picked by hyperintelligent AI, the most relevant courses will then be served on a silver platter to the consumer, and onflight feedback will perfect the learning experience. In addition, the AIAR® Generic Digitalization Standard will ensure all content maintains top quality.

AIAR – daring to change the world

The AIAR® Learning Platform will incorporate the entire learning ecosystem in a single model, and will incite a paradigm shift in learning the like of which the world has never seen before. Add AI and AR technology to the fold, and the global learning market is set to be completely revolutionized. Courses will become adaptable and knowledge will be gained just-in-time, without borders, boundaries or limitations. Everyone will have access to education, and learning will be stimulating and fun. And not to mention cooler than ever before! 😉