Daring to change the world

AIAR is revolutionizing the way people learn and develop skills by a unique EdTech platform that uses AI to completely personalize the education process and innovative AR technologies to provide just-in-time knowledge.

By using AIAR’s leading microlearning approach, the learning process is democratized and becomes truly accessible to everyone – knowledge is made simple and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, at a low (or no) cost. This digital crusade to become the biggest digital school in the world will cause a global disruption for traditional education, as AIAR ushers in a new paradigm shift for learning. We will be the Spotify of Learning. And we will change the world.

Digital Marketing Pro

AIAR’s first microlearning application is Digital Marketing Pro (DMP). Focusing on digital marketing strategy, it is a precursor of AIAR’s 3T-method (consisting of Tutorials, Tests & Tools) for customized learning. In record-time, the application has become the second biggest in the world in learning for digital marketing, and will take on Google for the global number 1 position.

Combining leading data-driven insights with the groundbreaking EdTech platform, AIAR will lead the next generation of digital heroes... daring to change the world.