Daring to change the world

AIAR is revolutionizing the way people learn and develop skills by a unique EdTech platform that uses AI to completely personalize the education process and innovative AR technologies to provide just-in-time knowledge.

By using AIAR’s leading microlearning approach, the learning process is democratized and becomes truly accessible to everyone – knowledge is made simple and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, at a low (or no) cost. This game-changing process disrupts traditional education and guarantees AIAR’s dominance of at least 1/10 of the entire digital learning market by 2022.

Digital Marketing Pro (DMP)

AIAR’s first microlearning application is Digital Marketing Pro (DMP). Focusing on digital marketing strategy, it is a precursor of AIAR’s 3T-method (consisting of Tutorials, Tests & Tools) for customized learning. The application has in record time become the second biggest in the world in learning for digital marketing, and will take on Google for the global number 1 position within a year.

Combining leading data-driven insights with the groundbreaking EdTech platform, AIAR will lead the next generation of digital heroes... daring to change the world.