The DMP app in digital strategy is setting the industry standard in digital marketing competence worldwide.

Microlearning makes education simple and efficient. All it takes is 10 minutes a day. Learn whenever, wherever and however you want with the unique 3T method:

  • Free Tutorials give insights to maximize efficiency in social media, display, SEO, AdWords banners, e-commerce and email marketing
  • Constructive Tests assert skill level and prove competence in a digital strategy
  • Practical Tools allow for direct implementation & provide straightforward results


This decade has proven to be one of the most eventful in the history of mankind. The world as we know it is changing, and it is happening so fast that we can hardly keep up anymore. A number of social and digital trends are emerging all across the globe, and their consequences will have a profound impact on our way of living. The future is no longer in the days to come; it’s all around us.

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